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Speciality Plastics – Pathological

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Petri dishes, Test Tubes, Quick-lok, Specimen Containers
Boxmore's pathological range includes specimen containers for the Dairy industry, Quick-lok for laboratories, petri dishes and test tubes. These items can be supplied Gamma Irradiated. The Petri dishes have high quality optical clarity, great thermal resistance and are vented for improved gas exchange. Our Petri dish design includes complimentary rings on the lids and bases, allowing them to be easily stacked. All products are produced in a controlled environment for highest quality. Test tubes are available in polystyrene and polypropylene. The polystyrene test tubes are ideally suited for optical measurements as a result of its high clarity. The polypropylene test tubes display high thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance and are recommended for the storage of chemical and biological samples. Quick-lok containers are shatter-resistant and have an all-plastic, leak-resistant seal that prevents bio-hazardous spills. They only need a quarter turn of the closure for locking. The specimen containers are translucent in colour and come with a blue screw-on cap.

Available in 90mm, 90mm half plates and 90mm laminar flow

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Available in 75mm x 12 and 85mm x 12

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Available in 60mm x 36mm

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Available in 35ml

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