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Recycling 1-x-Recycling-banner-300x200 Conscious of the need for responsible manufacturing, we’re a founder member of PETCO and voluntarily contribute to both PETCO and the newly-formed Polyolefin (HDPE and PP) equivalent, POLYCO so as to develop and sustain the recycling industry.

We support recycling by designing products that are  easily recycled and are committed to recycling not only in terms of the products we make but also in terms of the packaging and production materials we use.

Internally we endeavor to minimise our waste by recycling where possible without compromising quality or acting against customer requirements.

As the recycling process helps create employment, adds to domestic economic growth and reduces our reliance on virgin materials, we believe in creating and supporting a “virtuous value circle” which enables sustainable recycling by:

  • Supporting collection and recycling
  • Enabling recycling through better product design and education
  • Growing demand for recycled products by developing new applications

To demonstrate our commitment to recycling, we make a voluntary contribution to either PETCO or POLYCO for every ton of resin sold in South Africa – and as a client of ours, you can rest assured knowing that, by virtue of the business you place with us, you’re supporting the recycling process. What’s important is that for every ton of PET resin recycled, 1.5 tons of carbon emission are saved.

Recycling of PET

Recycling PETCO_Logo1 A plastic widely used in the manufacture of water and soft drink bottles, PET is a sophisticated polymer that, after being used as packaging, can be recycled into a multitude of new products ranging from insulation to fibre fill for duvets to food grade packaging. As a result, it is one of the most sought after “waste” products.

The recycling process helps with the creation of employment, adds to domestic economic growth, reduces our reliance on virgin PET and diverts hundreds of thousands of bottles destined for landfill. Polyolefins like High Density Polyethylene and Polypropylene are also easily recycled and we endeavour to ensure that we recycle both internally and assist recycling organisations to enable sustainable recycling.

PET is either recycled through mechanical recycling or de-polymerisation. During mechanical recycling, bottles or pre-forms are shredded into flakes which once washed and processed, are ready to be used or blended with virgin polymer for use in other applications. The de-polymerisation process breaks up the polymer molecule and then added back to the polymerisation process to create an end-product comparable to virgin resin. Currently, the main outlet for recycled PET is the fibre market but other applications include strapping, sheeting and building material. It can also be used in the making of polar fleece.

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