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Pharmaceutical - IML
IML lid

Boxmore IML securitainers make use of the in-mould labelling process, where plastic labels are vacuum sucked to the actual container and, unlike glue-applied labels, the label is part of the container itself. This removes the need for applying labels separately and by default saves time and costs when it comes to the manufacturing of the container. The IML securitainers come in 35mm x 52, 35mm x 63, 35mm x 82, 49mm x 75 and 49mm x 52 sizes. They come in 850, 600, 500, 300 and 400, respectively. The 35mm x 52 IML securitainers weigh 7.8g, the 35mm x 63 IML securitainers weigh 9.4g, the 35mm x 82 IML securitainers weigh 11.1g, the 49mm x 75 IML securitainers weigh 17g and the 49mm x 52 IML securitainers weigh 12.9g. All securitainers are made from high gloss polypropylene and can be supplied Gamma Irradiated.

35mm x 52 35mm x 63 35mm x 82 49mm x 75 49mm x 52
Quantity 850 600 500 300 400
Weight 7.8g 9.4g 11.1g 17g 12.9g
Material PP PP PP PP PP

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