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Pharmaceutical 26mm
26mm lid

Boxmore’s 26mm securitainers are the smallest in our securitainer range and come in the sizes 26mm x 41, 26mm x 51 and 26mm x63. They are available in 200, 1500 and 1000 quantities, respectively. The 26mm x 41 securitainers weigh 3.4g, the 26mm x 51 securitainers weigh 4,5g and the 26mm x63 weigh 5.3g. All securitainers are made from high gloss polypropylene and can be supplied Gamma Irradiated.

26mm x 41 26mm x 51 26mm x 63
Quantity 2000 1500 1000
Weight 3.4g 4.5g 5.3g
Material PP PP PP

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