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Test Tubes - Pathological Products PATHOLOGICAL-test-tubes-300x220
Test Tubes - Pathological Products PATHOLOGICAL-test-tubes-2

Boxmore test tubes are available in polystyrene and polypropylene and caps are made of a Polystyrene + HDPE material. The test tubes have been designed for general pathological laboratory needs, such as the handling of liquids. These test tubes have been expertly designed to avoid cracking and leaks, and are available in 4.11g and 4.4g weights and come in 75mm x 12 and 85mm x 12 sizes. Both sizes come in quantities of 3000 and include caps. The test tubes can be supplied Gamma Irradiated.

Test tube 75 x 12 Test tube 85 x 13
Test Tubes - Pathological Products test-tubes Test Tubes - Pathological Products test-tubes
Quantity 3000 3000
Weight 4.11g 4.4g
Material Polystyrene + HDPE for caps Polystyrene + HDPE for caps

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