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Boxmore Packaging’s Chief Commercial Officer, David Drew was appointed to the PETCO board of directors. PETCO works to minimise the environmental impact of post-consumer PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate).

Commenting on his appointment, Drew said, “I’m excited by this opportunity. It sets an example to the rest of the plastic industry about how best to lead recycling and extended producer responsibility. As a business, Boxmore Packaging was a founding member of PETCO, and my involvement affirms our partnership”.

He continued, “It’s important for Boxmore Packaging to be part of the process, as the industry is at a turning point. Pressure from government to drive recycling and create employment is growing, and the threat of a “packaging” tax is real. PETCO has demonstrated that the industry can achieve these goals without intervention and hopefully provide an example of a viable alternative.”

Designing products for recycling and sustainable practices in manufacturing is about creating systems that don’t rely on grants or subsidies. “The easier we make products to recycle, the more PET can be recycled, and the cheaper it becomes. This starts with product design. As a converter we cannot always control what customers want, but we can influence and educate them about positive recycling-friendly choices,” Drew elaborated.