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Hope House Clinic Hope-House-Clinic_1-300x249 Social Once again Boxmore steps up to the plate and shows that “Boxmore Cares”- When visiting Hope House in December, Clynt engaged with the staff in discussions and picked up that the children were sorely in need of proper medical care. According to the caregivers the children need to be taken to the clinic, spending hours in queues, sometimes even having to miss school to receive even the most basic of medical care. Having realized how this can be a problem, Clynt engaged his team to look into how we as Boxmore could help.

Six months later after much discussion and anticipation we were finally able to proudly open the Hope House Clinic – Supported by Boxmore. We were allocated a room where we fixed the roof, ceiling and painted the room and fitted the room with equipment for the clinic. We have engaged the services of a qualified nursing sister with a license to dispense medication, who will attend the clinic twice a week for two hours. During that time she will ensure that the children are healthy, up to date with their vaccinations and minor illnesses treated with proper medication before they get serious. She will also attend to any injuries at the Clinic that she runs with her partner in town. We are sure that the children will benefit from this service and we will monitor the clinic to ensure this happens.